A Day in the Life

It’s early morning in New York and Mike has a flight to catch for an important afternoon meeting in LA. With a few minutes left, he opens his hotel’s mobile app, powered by remi and INTELITY, to check into his hotel and order lunch to be delivered to his guest room at 1pm. En route to the airport, he sends messages the hotel staff through the mobile app to make sure the presentation package that his office sent will be waiting in his room upon arrival as well.

After landing in LA, he takes his phone off airplane mode to find a message saying that his room is ready and his package has been delivered. Realizing he forgot his hair gel, he opens up the mobile app and orders a bottle. When Mike gets to his hotel, he goes straight to his room and uses his app to unlock the guest room, where he finds his room service, presentation package, and hair gel waiting for him.

Realizing he also forgot to pack a shirt for dinner, he goes to the remi smart mirror in the bathroom, selects ‘shopping’ in the navigation bar, chooses a shirt, and assesses the size and fit on the screen in the mirror’s reflection. He finds the right size and makes his purchase with the touch of his finger directly on the remi smart mirror.

His meeting goes well and finishes earlier than expected. Once back in his hotel room, the in-room tablet assist him in creating afternoon and evening plans. He orders a virtual yoga class and yoga mat to his guest room along with an extra towel, bottle of water and roasted almonds. Later, he sees in the hotel’s ‘on-site events’ that there is a happy hour on the rooftop, so he makes a plan to go there before his reservation at a nearby steakhouse. He also chooses and pre-orders the perfect breakfast for the next morning. In the ‘nearby events’ section of the remi smart mirror, he sees that his favorite band is playing at a local venue the following day. Through remi, he books a ticket and adds another night’s stay to his reservation.

When he is ready to check out of his hotel, he indicates so on through the hotel’s mobile app and receives a notification that all of his personal information will be immediately removed from the in-room tablet and smart mirror.

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